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Build your jewelry collection!  Receive a beautiful piece of jewelry every month, valued at $50 or more at no charge!


There's an angel inside all of you. Become a  sponsor today and experience the thrill of  helping others as an angel in disguise.

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Build Your Jewelry Collection

Receive a beautiful piece of jewelry every month, valued at $50 or more at no charge 

Discount Prices

Receive 15% off regular retail on all product purchases

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You're About to Feel Awesome

We hope you'll join this amazing group of women, as an Angel Sponsor. Each of us can make a difference through the love of fashion and experience the thrill of helping others.  There is so much to gain by giving and by giving, you gain so much more.

You're about to feel awesome about looking so good!

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Ready To Become

An Angel Sponsor

Making a difference one angel at a time

50% of all net proceeds from subscription revenue is contributed to our charitable giving program. The difference will go to help offset benefits given to the Angel Sponsors.

Angel Sponsor

You're an Angel in disguise

  • Receive a beautiful piece of jewelry valued at $40 or more at no change every month

  • 15% off on all regular purchases

  • Feel awesome about looking so good!

Monthly Membership

50% of net proceeds to benefit charitable non-profits

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"Being part of Kit's Well Dressed Angel Sponsor Program is making me feel so good. Just knowing that my membership is helping others who face challenges, brings joy to my heart. And to think, I get rewarded for "Joining the Club" makes this Giving Program a "win-win" for all of us!

Thank you, Kit's Well Dressed, for this opportunity to make a difference."

Angel Sponsor:

Jessie K

"Kit's Well Dressed Angel Sponsor Program is a shining example of compassion and community support. I'm proud to be part of a program that helps families and children in need. It's inspiring to see how something as rewarding as this program is for the Angel Sponsors (who receive really nice perks) could also make a meaningful difference to those who benefit from the membership dues.

Thank you, Kit's Well Dressed, for the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful cause."

Angel Sponsor:

Karen Johnson

"Kit's Well Dressed Angel Sponsor Program has given me a chance to be part of something bigger than myself. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the families and children we've been able to help is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that I’m making a positive difference while I get to shop at a reduced retail, actually puts a smile on my face and makes me feel awesome about spending my money on myself because I know I’m also contributing to these wonderful causes.

Thank you, Kit's Well Dressed, for creating such fun and rewarding way to help others!"

Angel Sponsor:

Jenny M

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